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Stemming from Denver CO, NGHT ØWL is one who will forever embrace the darkness and won't say a word. Only to release music that he believes will touch the hearts of those who would like to listen. Welcome to my reality one that was born in the darkest of nights but will reveal a true story of raw emotion passion and the power of bass frequency.

Enjoy your stay.

MGMT & Booking: chris@clinikproductions.com

NGHT ØWL has opened for some heavy hitters in the industry and has support from some awesome artists in the bass scene. He has opened for SVDDEN DEATH, Yakz, Uber, and has production support from Protohype who has been his mentor for awhile at Icon Collective his exclusive production school. He has also played at many venues such as, Cervantes, Aggie, Club Vinyl, Beta, The roxy, and Manitou Springs. In 2021, he kicked off the summer with two shows at Your Moms House and Mercury Lounge in NYC

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