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Episode 003 : ANGEL DVST

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Friday, September 4th, 2020


CLINIK: What inspired you to start DJing? 

ANGEL DVST: Music has always been a huge part of my life, I played guitar when I was younger and then started listening to mainly hip hop in middle and high school. It’s safe to say everything changed when I was introduced to the amazing world that is EDM. A couple of my friends really put me on to a multitude of sub genres of EDM including Future bass, Trap, Dubstep, and experimental bass. I loved every single one. I realized that music is so much about emotion. The music itself was the first inspiration, followed by experiencing amazing live sets.

C: When you’re not busy creating, which artists do you normally listen to?

AD: NGHTMRE, ODESZA, ARMNHMR, TVBOO, LSDREAM, Subdocta, Hairitage, Effin, all of Wakaan, and multiple Hip-Hop artists. There are honestly too many to name, I love underground artists that are putting out fire tracks as well.

C: What has been your favorite live performance so far?

AD: There are a couple that have been a lot of fun but my favorite thus far has to be Lunar Bass. The venue was amazing and it was organized perfectly, kudos to you guys for putting that together. It was great that it was in Brooklyn and so many of my close friends were able to come through. We filled the place, everyone killed it, I got to play with one of my closest friends, and there were some awesome guest appearances! Overall a great time, can’t wait for the next show. (Honorable mention to DJing at the slushie booth at Electric Forest years ago).

C: What do you think sets you apart from other DJ’s?

AD: My range in terms of the sounds and genres I play, as well as my ability to read a crowd’s energy and emotions. I’d say song selection is definitely a strong point as well.

C: What is your mindset like when constructing a mix?

AD: I think about the type of energy I want the mix to have. I sometimes have a theme but most of the time I think of what kind of experience I am trying to deliver and what emotions I want the mix to invoke. From there I choose songs that make sense and play around with them to see what works.

C: What do you hope that people can take away from your mixes?

AD: I hope people can experience a journey through my mixes and feel some of the awesome emotions that I feel when listening to the songs. I pick songs carefully and they’re usually ones close to my heart of just ones that I’ve really been liking recently. At the end of the day I want people to feel good and have fun listening to them.

C: What are some of your interests outside of DJ’ing?

AD: Basketball, connecting with awesome humans, adventures, nature, festivals, fashion, and art (any dope form of creative expression). 

C: How has COVID-19 changed up any music-related plans you had for this year? Are there any unexpected positives that came out of quarantine?

AD: Covid has definitely changed a lot of plans and threw pretty much everyone for a loop. There were so many shows/events that obviously aren’t happening anymore, Electric Forest being a big one. I was going to start organizing shows myself which also couldn’t happen. Regardless of the negatives though, quarantine has given me time to self reflect as well as work on production which has been great!

C: What do you love most about the electronic music scene?

AD: Human connection is so important and the electronic music scene has this in spades. People are generally very supportive and accepting of one another which is awesome. Seeing so much empathy is always refreshing especially when it seems scarce in day to day life. (Honorable mention to the music haha).

C: What is something you want people reading this to know about you?

AD: I haven’t done angel dust.... yet.

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