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Episode 006 : rSUN

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Friday, October 16th, 2020


CLINIK: What is the significance of your name, rSUN? 

rSUN: My real name is Carson, so basically rSUN came from that.

C: How has your hometown of Richmond, VA influenced your outlook on music?

RS: I’m actually excited for the future of music in my city. There’s a ton of talent coming out of here now and I’m lucky enough to work with some of these artist. It’s influenced a lot of the music I’ve been working on recently that you’ll hear in the mix as well.

C: What inspired you to start producing original music?

RS: Before I started producing I was really into DJing. DJing really showed me that I had an ear for music and it really sparked my interest in trying to make my own music.

C: How did you get into making visuals? How would you say you enjoying VJing as opposed to creating music?

RS: So the company I worked for hired me as a video editor just to edit videos for them. I eventually got into Motion Design/Animation at my job using Adobe After Effects. So once I learned how to use that program it influenced me to start making my own visuals so I could tie it into my music. Creating music is my passion though, and VJing just isn’t the same although I do enjoy it.

C: Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

RS: tiedye ky, Medasin, tobi lou, Channel Tres, Rome in Silver, Local Natives, Tsuruda, M83.. there’s way more artists that I really like but it would be a long list.

C: We really enjoyed your flip of Skrillex's "Fuji Opener". What prompted you to create a drum and bass flip of this popular track? What was the process like for making this song?

RS: Originally the first drop you hear in that flip was part of a different song I was making. I had spent weeks trying to make this track till eventually I gave up. One day I started to mess around with Skrillex’s song and realized that drop I had made for that other track would fit perfectly, so I just went with it. I’ve always loved drum and bass, and I hadn’t heard anyone turn Fuji Opener into drum and bass song at the time so I figured I would do it.

C: You have tons of remixes and flips on your Soundcloud page. How do you create a remix as opposed to an original track? What do you think makes a song worthy of being remixed?

RS: It usually depends on the track. My “Want It” remix was for a contest that was being held by Jadu Dala. They provided stems so for everyone and I had already made this beat with no vocals on it. So I took the Want It vocals and put it on the beat I had made and it fit perfectly. Other times like for my Fuji Opener Flip and the Look at You remix I start those by just EQing out the low end of the track layering drums on top of the original track and I just start throwing things over top of the track and see where it goes. The only thing that makes a song worthy of me remixing it is if I am super inspired by the song.

C: Once COVID restrictions are eased down the road, where is one place in the world that you would love to play a live set?

RS: Electric Forest would be a lot of fun to play at.

C: What do you want anyone reading this to know about rSun?

RS: I'm not too sure.. If you're reading this and you ever want to know something about me then just DM me on any of my socials and I’d be happy to talk.

C: What are your plans for the remainder of this crazy year?

RS: My plans are to hopefully drop 3-4 more songs before the end of the year.

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