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Episode 010 : RAINIZY

Friday, January 1st, 2021


CLINIK: What is the significance of your name RAINIZY?

RAINIZY: When I was a little kid, I played a lot of computer flash games and it was my gamertag!

C: What inspired you to begin DJing?

R: It’s actually more like who inspired me to start DJing. A friend of mine introduced me to JVNA's twitch streams, where she DJs live, and I was really inspired to see an Asian American woman playing EDM. Additionally, in the Bay Area where I live, there’s a lot of local EDM culture and local smaller DJs that I saw play at several events when I started getting into the music. I remember how I would go to these smaller raves with my friends and the amazing people I met inspired me to share the experience with others through music!

C: You said on your SoundCloud that you're represented by Trigger Collective and Subtle Asian Party. How did you get involved with both of these groups and what do they each mean to you?

R: I started out my DJ journey with Subtle Asian Party in Washington D.C where I go to college. I found them through social media and a mutual friend, and they were starting out hosting events with local DJs. SAP helped me gain experience significantly in networking and playing live. Then through social media again, I met some people from Trigger Collective and attended their Chinese New Year’s event when I visited New York for the first time. Through Trigger Collective, I’ve also learned so much about the industry and met a lot of really great people with the same mindset as me.

I think the reason why I’ve been having such a successful and amazing time with SAP and TC is because they are both like big groups of families and friends all supporting each other. I met both of them during my freshman year of college, and it meant a lot to me as a first year student on the other side of the country making new friends and connections.

C: You have some great mixes on SoundCloud. How do you avoid getting stale and switch things up between mixes?

R: I have a thing where I get annoyed at myself for playing the same exact transitions/songs so I’m always out looking for remixes and making my own mashups. I really enjoy hearing something new and listening to a song for the first time that’s really good, so I guess I’m always looking for that feeling. When I get bored of mixing one genre, I like to experiment and mix it up with other genres to see what sounds good. It’s really satisfying to experiment with different genres and come up with something that sounds really good!

C: What has been your favorite set to date and why?

R: I think my favorite set is when I played at Saint Yve’s for SAP’s Crazy Rich Asians themed night. I played a Bigroom/electro house set and it was so much fun because I remember how much me and the other SAP DJs were working on music/genres we wanted to play that night and it was cool to finally see it all in action and the crowd really enjoying it. Also it was really memorable because I accidentally paused the music in the middle of my set for a couple seconds and it was funny how I was panicking on what happened when I realized it was the crossfade that I accidentally pushed to the other side while dancing around.

C: What is your process for putting together a mix? How does putting together a live set differ from putting together a mix for SoundCloud?

R: When I put a mix together on SoundCloud I am more thorough with planning it out and making specific transitions and a list of songs, but when I’m playing a live set it’s more like several songs and a BPM range I really want to play, and then the rest is up to the playlist I bring to the venue, or I switch it up if I feel like the crowd is feeling something else. I try to first get comfortable with a genre or beat and then improvise from there.

C: Who are three artists you have been listening to lately?

R: Lately I’ve been listening to Boy In Space, Rich Brian, and Kid Cudi.

C: What is something you want people reading this to know about you?

R: I actually never intended to play live performances or streams when I began DJing, which started as a private hobby and something I was too shy to share with the world. I only found every opportunity because I love making new friends and I’m really open to taking the initiative and giving it my all. Before I started DJing, I never really had a hobby that I could get lost in and work on for hours at a time. I hope that if I ever make it big one day I can encourage other people to take a chance and try something new that could be a really fun and meaningful experience.

C: How did COVID impact what you had planned for 2020? What were some unforeseen positive things to come out of this for you, if any?

R: I think the pandemic has really discouraged me for a long time this year. I really enjoy interacting with friends and new people in person, so being at home and behind a computer screen all day gave me too much time to be stuck in my own thoughts. However, I feel like I was also able to accomplish a lot of things especially in school. I think it’s definitely been tough creatively, but I refuse to let COVID affect me even more, and I feel much more vigilant after struggling this year.

C: What do you have planned for 2021?

R: I have a couple streams planned in early 2021, and I’m starting to collab with a friend to produce a song. I’m still really new to creating music, but I’m excited to work on it and see what we can come up with!

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