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Episode 012 : REMIX

Friday, February 5th, 2021


CLINIK: What is the significance of your name, REMIX?

Remix: Remix comes from my fraternity brothers who came up with the name because I am mixed (Dominican & Taiwanese) and I mix (as a dj).

C: What inspired you to get involved with music?

R: Going to live music events and physically seeing how the crowd was really into the environment over a period of time (a few months of attending events consistently) gave me the motivation to move forward and attempt getting involved with music.

C: You live in NYC and attended college in Buffalo. How have each of these cities and their unique scenes shaped your outlook on music and events?

R: Attending the events in NYC first helped shape what goals I have for myself in the future and set the building blocks for me to begin understanding how to structure events (placement of music/artists). Attending college in Buffalo helped me get hands-on experience with the back end of running events and begin creating a community of people who supported one another.

C: For readers who might not know, what is Trigger Collective? How did Trigger Collective come together and how has it grown since it began?

R: Trigger Collective is a group of DJs and producers that came together from different backgrounds and seek to give back to the community around us. Trigger Collective came together August 2019, with a lengthy conversation that I had with my co-founder, MA?WHO. We wanted to become a duo act but we came to the conclusion that it would be best to do something more than that, and to create something bigger than the duo, which is where Trigger Collective was formed. We have since grown from just the two of us to 17 total team members.

C: Trigger Collective was very active in 2020 in regards to giving back to the community. Can you tell us about the "Mask our Heroes" livestream as well as any other charity efforts Trigger Collective was involved with in 2020?

R: There are a few livestream charity efforts that we have aligned with over the past year, Mask Our Heroes, United4Corona, TC One year (NAACP fundraiser), and our most recent fundraiser, Balikatan (Directly translates to “Shoulder to Shoulder” from Tagalog).

Mask Our Heroes holds a special place in our hearts because it was the first fundraiser that we had put together during the time of most uncertainty all over the world. This fundraiser was dedicated to the medical workers in the NYC area who were not properly equipped with the PPE needed to combat the Coronavirus. We had combined our efforts with our partners out in the west coast (whom we were unfortunately not able to have our planned event with) and raised over $2,000 to the cause. Not only were we able to get these funds out to the Mask Our Heroes team but we also had our team member DREAMDRIVER physically help out their team with getting the PPE to hospitals.

Our next fundraiser after that was United4Corona, and as the name implies, we were raising funds and awareness in conjunction with IRC (International Rescue Committee). This organization responds to the world's worst humanitarian crises and provides aid to those who need it the most. Our total contribution to their campaign was $5000.

TC One year was our most ambitious fundraiser/livestream to date, as we had prepared a whole week worth of programming for it. All of our team members performed for the stream and we raised funds for the NAACP. The reason why we chose that organization was because of the injustices between black and white Americans that were being brought to light over the course of 2020. With the help of an external match, we donated over $2000 to the cause.

Our most recent fundraiser, Balikatan, was dedicated to those in the Philippines who were affected by the Ulysses Typhoon. Our team member DYVERGENT and his family were at the site and physically gave out meals to those who needed it the most. We were able to donate 600 meals in the immediate area.

C: Your mixes are always crisp and cohesive. How does preparing a mix for Soundcloud or for a livestream compare to performing in front of a live crowd?

R: Thank you for the kind words! Preparing a mix for soundcloud or a livestream involves a long thought process, as each song that I select has a specific purpose for its placement. Compared to performing in front of a live crowd, I’m not given the luxury of time in that scenario, but I am prepared to switch up at a moment's notice and I usually perform tracks that are not performed prior. I like to play my favorites for the crowd and have a rotation that I update regularly so that my live sets do not become stale, and if I do play the same tracks as a previous set, it would not be in the same order as before.

C: What has been your favorite live performance to date? Where would you most like to perform once COVID restrictions begin to ease up?

R: My favorite live performance to date was last year, at a space called “The Block”, in Virginia. Once Covid restrictions begin to ease up I would like to perform at the Factory Project, another venue in Virginia. The reason why I would like to perform at this venue is because it is aligned with my playstyle and the people in the area enjoy my playstyle as well.

C: Who are three artists that you have been listening to a lot lately?

R: Ricky Remedy, Rickyxsan & Kompany

C: What advice would you have for anyone who is looking to start mixing and DJing?

R: My advice to those looking to start DJing is to find a piece of equipment that is compatible with rekordbox and to listen to your favorite artists and analyze how they mix.

C: What are your goals for both Trigger Collective and for yourself as REMIX in 2021?

R: My goals for myself are to have new music for myself out monthly, and to have new music coming from my team seasonally. I also wish to continue to find ways to give back to the community for next year.

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