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Episode 014 : SPNCE

Friday, March 5th, 2021


CLINIK: How has Knoxville influenced your outlook on music and art?

SPNCE: Knoxville, and Tennessee in general, has always been filled with an artistic spirit and a deeply rooted history in music. I grew up surrounded by live music and artists. Now, trying to step away from the normal sounds you hear coming out of Tennessee, that was the challenge.

C: What inspired you to create original music?

S: I had always written songs on my guitar, ever since I was a kid. I have notebooks filled with original lyrics and song ideas. However, it wasn’t until I downloaded Logic in College that I figured out I could create virtually any sound I wanted.

C: What made you want to become a visual artist?

S: My background is in Cinema and Photography, so to me, music and visuals will always live hand in hand in my head. I often times write a song based off of visuals that I am seeing or vice versa.

C: How do you come up with ideas for visuals? How do you like to mix visuals with music?

S: Stock footage sites are some of the best resources for creating visuals. I equate it to browsing audio samples on Splice. Sometimes you just see a clip and think, “oh yeah. I can make something out of this.”

C: Tell us about your new single, “Don’t Fall”, which was released on Electric Hawk's The Nest. How did this track come together and what did you want listeners to take away from the song?

S: This was a song I wrote in an afternoon while actually experimenting with some new piano samples I found. I imagined someone falling down into a pool or a deep ocean. A lot of my music is inspired by the ocean or by water, this one especially. I hope listeners can take away the fact that the ocean, and life in general, is completely unpredictable. One second you are experiencing serenity, the next, violence.

C: What is your preferred DAW and why? What are your favorite tools to use in terms of sound design?

S: I use Ableton Live and I absolutely love it. The structure of the software just feels right when you are creating. Other DAWs were too complicated for me, but Ableton is probably the most user friendly, which I enjoy. Serum is my go to for sound design, however, Volume Shaper is quickly becoming one of my favorite VSTs. The Ableton Stock, Auto Pan, plug in is used in pretty much every track I produce these days.

C: Who is one artist you would like to collaborate with on a track? Who is one artist you would like to collaborate with as a visual artist?

S: I have nothing but respect for Juelz, he is a massive inspiration for me. Being able to work on a track with him would be unreal. As for visuals, I have to say Flume. His visual diary’s and music videos are some of the best in EDM.

C: As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease up, where in the world would you like to perform live?

S: New York would be a dream to play live, but I honestly would like to play in my hometown as well. However, the crowds in Australia have to be some of the most buckwild crowds I’ve seen. Would love to throw down there.

C: What is something unique that you want readers to know about you?

S: I’m actually half deaf and have been for the majority of my life. There is a chance my other ear could go which would leave me with almost 90% hearing loss. So I’m producing while I have the ability to. It’s honestly not all bad, but sometimes I wonder if I hear things the same way others do! Haha.

C: What are your goals for 2021?

S: Play my first live show. It’s been a dream for years and I finally feel like I can do it right.

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