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Episode 016 : WayBach

Friday, April 2nd, 2021


CLINIK: What is the significance of the name WayBach?

WayBach: When I first started making music I was tasked with one of the greatest challenges in my short music career and that was picking a name. I was having a very hard time choosing anything, let alone something that I liked. In my journey to discovering a name I was playing SSX Tricky (greatest game of all time), when I saw a trick called the “wayback flip”. I liked the name wayback, but unfortunately when I looked on SoundCloud the name was taken many times over. So, in my infinite wisdom I decided to change the K to and H and WayBach was born.

C: How has NYC and the local scene influenced your outlook on music, if at all?

W: Believe it or not I have never played a show or really put much time into networking the music at all. So as far as the scene goes I wouldn’t know much about it. However, all my support just came out of nowhere on SoundCloud. I’m super grateful for everyone jamming to my music, I feel blessed that it has been received so well.

C: What initially inspired you to produce original music?

W: I would have to say 3 individuals really inspired me to start making music. Gramatik being the first, Griz being the second, and Big Gigantic being the third. After seeing a Big Grizmatik concert I was hooked on that sound, and this is what drove me to start developing that style of music on my own.

C: Your collaboration with Common Creation “Audio Currency” is a lot of fun to listen to. How did this track come together?

W: For starters, I’m glad you enjoyed that tune. Audio Currency was actually a super quick collab. I had basically cooked up the whole song, then I hit up Common Creation to look over the file to basically proof read my work. He was all about the song and just started messing around with it for about an hour and a half before it was ready to go.

C: What is your preferred DAW and why? What are your favorite tools to use for sound design?

W: Ableton all day, and Serum for the sound design. I used to use garage band when I started making beats, but that platform is just nowhere near as powerful. To date I have been using Ableton for about a year and a half now, and I will never consider using anything else.

C: Your cover art is very cool and compliments your music well. How do you go about picking cover art?

W: Thanks man, I’m glad you appreciate the art. Honestly, whenever I produce a song I just head on over to ArtGrab, and I go through the whole site till I find a piece that speaks to me. There are a ton of really great artists over there. I highly recommend anyone who needs cover art to visit that site.

C: Who are some artists that you have been listening to lately?

W: My headlining favorites are; Pretty Lights, Gramatik, Griz, Deathpact, and Rezz My up and coming favs are; Common Creation, Stehreo, Vveird, WokeZan, Daily Bread, Bitsky.

C: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

W: I guess the genre you would place me in would be electro soul. I make funky music with bass. I love the blues, and upbeat yet dark tracks. It is so hard to put this genre into words. It really is a mix of everything from funk, to hip-hop, to rock and roll.

C: What is one venue or festival in the world that you would love to perform at?

W: Red Rocks would be a dream come true. Hands down the best venue I have ever been too. As far as festivals go I would love to perform at Electric Forest.

C: What are your goals as an artist for the rest of the year?

W: As an artist, my main goal is to keep becoming a better producer. I want to continue to hone my skills to make better bass synths, clearer masters, and straight up bangers. Additionally, I have some amazing stuff coming out with some folks that it has been a dream come true to work with. I can’t say who with or where it’s going to be released, but for me it has been a goal of mine since I started making beats.

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