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SPECIAL EDITION - SAGZ "Bread Basket" Review

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020


SAGZ Drops Neuro Bass Banger “Bread Basket”

Chicago bass artist SAGZ is at it again with his new single, “Bread Basket”. With deeply embedded roots in dubstep and trap, the up-and-coming artist has already made waves in the underground bass scene, including collaborations with MeSo and Space Wizard, previous releases on both Spicy Bois and Electric Hawk, and live appearances alongside notable acts such as Bukez Finezt and Moody Good. SAGZ has also earned support from Liquid Stranger, Tynan, um.., Shanghai Doom, and more.

Bread Basket

Delving into the neuro bass realm, his new single “Bread Basket” leads with an obscure, yet flowing rhythm, filtering in sporadic percussion and razor-sharp breakbeats. “Breadbasket” lulls listeners in with a smooth and exciting intro, building towards the main drop hitting about one minute in. The impressive track combines elements of neuro bass with modern-day trap music for a unique and wonky sound.

In regards to “Bread Basket”, SAGZ describes the new track as “a combination of my old and new sound design while also taking inspirations from the artists I look up to today. I wanted to give the listeners a taste into what is to come in the future with my music, Bread Basket is a great representation of that.”

Check out the single below (available on all platforms):

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