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SPECIAL EDITION - Toadface Gangrene EP Review

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020


Toadface Breaks Out With His New Project

Gangrene EP

Toadface, the fast-rising bass artist representing the ATL (after moving from Ohio), has returned with his Gangrene EP. This offering is a solid follow-up from his singles released earlier this year, including “Floof”, “I Didn’t Mean To Call You”, and “40 Pizzas” featuring Aweminus. On Gangrene EP, Toadface separates himself from the pack with some cutting-edge bass tunes and impressive sound design.


The EP kicks off with “Discovery”, a wonderfully disorienting journey through space and time. Toadface really shows off his solid sound design chops on this dynamic song.

Half Ounce

Toadface continues with “Half Ounce”, which features slick production accompanied by a frenzy of random vocal drops and sounds that keep listeners on their toes throughout.

Big Mane

“Big Mane” contains some cold-blooded UK vocal samples and a bounce-y beat. This track is sure to be a hit in any setting.


Toadface shows some serious range on the title track of this project. “Gangrene” is wobbly and hard-hitting – very much a track for the wooks and the headbangers alike to get down to.

Awkward Encounters

Right off the bat, it is evident through this song that Toadface has built off of his previous sound and grown as an artist. This track is as brooding as it is idiosyncratic, combining commanding-yet-dynamic drum patterns with cutting synths that will make your head spin. 


Personally, this song was my favorite of the EP. The build-up is very unassuming, but leads into a wonky banger. This almost reminds me of a hip-hop track and is one that every listener is sure to enjoy.


“Wholesome” is the most mature and honed-in track on this project. Here, Toadface shows his range as a producer and puts out a track that veers on the edge of glitch-hop. This is a perfect way to close out another solid outing from Toadface.

Check out the full album below:

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