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Episode 018 : FilosofischeStilte

Friday, May 7th, 2021


CLINIK: What is the significance of the name FilosofischeStilte?

FilosofischeStilte: Translated into english it means Philosofical Silence, i thought of that name when i was 18 years old, because my parents were always saying that i was the Philosopher of the family and i was a quiet kid that didn’t talk too much.

C: How has the Netherlands influenced your outlook on music, if at all?

FS: Uhm good question, I think because The Netherlands is such a small country there is a lot of music being played that is not from here. So I guess maybe i heard a lot of international music instead of Dutch music because when i grew up the dutch scene wasn't as visible as it is now.

C: What initially inspired you to produce original music?

FS: A few friends of mine were already making music and i thought it was really dope what they were making. So i thought if they can do it maybe i can do it too. I already had tried it a few times before that but that time something clicked and i just started making lots of tracks.

C: You have released tracks and projects via Saturate Records, Noah’s Ark, and more. What are the advantages and disadvantages of releasing with a label as opposed to releasing independently?

FS: Yea you gotta do all the promotion yourself when releasing independently, not my best quality, but i’m working on that. You do get to make all the decisions yourself, but I don't have a lot of budget for video’s or vinyl and stuff like that. so for those things i would rather release with a label.

C: What is your preferred DAW and why? What are your favorite tools to use for sound design?

FS: I’ve been using FL studio for the past 10 years, i tried ableton en reason aswell but i never really developed a workflow for those DAW’s. For sound design i use massive a lot for building basic sounds but i also like working with granulizers and I also use a lot of the retro vst’s.

C: Your cover art is very cool and compliments your music well. How do you go about picking cover art?

FS: Thanks bro, that means a lot, my alter ego made it. He is a genius hahaha or at least i would like to think of him that way.

C: Would you say you prefer any genre of music over another? Why or why not?

FS: Uhm yea there are definitely some genre i just don’t like, like gabber, hardcore and hardstyle, not my thing, but i know that in those genre’s there are also tracks that i will like if give them a chance. So i try to keep an open mind.

C: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

FS: it's instrumental, melodic and i would describe the sound as a blend of electronic music and hip hop. i've listened and i still do listen to a lot of UK music like jungle, drum & bass, UK Garage, 2 Step, Bassline and grime. so you can probably hear some influences from those genres.

C: What is one venue or festival in the world that you would love to perform at?

FS: i would definitly wanna play at Fabric London one day

C: What are your goals as an artist for the rest of the year?

FS: I want to release a bit more music this year then the previous years and i want to find a way to finally make a bit more money, so i can eventually quit my job and do more stuff with music, like helping other people find their way in this music industry.

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