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Episode 024 : BRELLA

Friday, August 6th, 2021


CLINIK: What is the significance of the name BRELLA?

BRELLA: When I started out as Brella I was still unsure of the moniker. I used to go to Webster Hall every weekend and one time I found an umbrella, so I jumped in the first mosh pit I would see and would open and close the umbrella to the music... It was one of of the ideas that was either gonna be really funny or get you kicked out of the club. I didn’t get kicked out and would do this every weekend and one day someone randomly was like “hey, you’re the umbrella kid” and I replied “Nah, I’m Brella” and it just stuck after that night.

C: How has NYC influenced your outlook on music, if at all?

B: It’s had a huge influence on me and my sound! For awhile i just analyzed everything going on and took mental notes of the “Do’s” and “Do Nots”.. NYC is a dog eat dog world and it’s really tough to grow! So going to other cities and knowing how it is in NY is very humbling to think about because if you have a core following here I suggest doing everything you can to keep that following here because not many people have a scene like NY.

C: What initially inspired you to create original music?

B: I started making original music because I hit a crossroads in what I wanted to do in life and at the time I was only a Dj, so moving forward I realized the only way to really grow your brand was to make music and naturally gain some Exposure

C: What is your preferred DAW and why? What are your favorite tools to use for sound design?

B: I started off using Logic and later moved on to Ableton... for me personally, I love Ableton there’s just so much more you can do! Nothing against Logic, it’s super user friendly and a great beginner program! For sound design, I’ve been using Serum majority of the time. I’ll use Portal if I’m trying to create new ambiance’s for melodies and what not. Also I’m very big on OTT.

C: How do you approach creating a mix for a streaming service such as SoundCloud vs. playing live in front of some sort of crowd?

B: A lot of the time I don’t look at the two any differently unless I’m trying to showcase a certain thing (all originals, downtempo, etc.). I always try to include my original music and a lot of edits in my mixes as opposed to a live show where’s I don’t usually plan a specific set and will just feel out the crowd, I usually bring multiple USBs just in case I gotta switch it up though

C: Marketing is a big aspect of the industry, love it or hate it. How do you utilize social media to reach people in the scene and grow your base of supporters? How do you balance marketing yourself with creating art?

B: When it comes to marketing, especially in this scene, I feel like a lot of people aren’t always the people you think they are IRL. My main thing is whenever I meet someone who supports me is to be as friendy as possible and just act the same exact way on the internet!

I’ve also learned to avoid politics and other dicey topics which I’m trying to break that habit because at the end of the day, what’s the point of having a platform if your not gonna use it.

C: When you’re not busy making music, who are some artists that you like to listen to?

B: I listen to a lot of different stuff most of the time I’m listening to a lot of my friends music, to name a few:



Mantra sounds


Flip Presley

Cool customer



All these people in my opinion have been crushing it and are highly overlooked!

C: What is one venue or festival in the world that you would love to perform at?

B: I really really REALLY would love to play at The Gorge amphitheater ! That place is just stunning, I still have never been but would love to go someday.

C: You are a very unique artist. What advice would you give to up and coming artists who don’t want to hop on trends and want to create their own lane like you have?

B: My biggest advice is to always be yourself! If something is trending that only means a bunch of people have already been doing it and others are just catching on... Start the next trend!

C: What are some of your goals in regards to growing as an artist?

B: I just started my second EP! I would love to get most of the tunes for that finished. I also want to try to get a collab or 2 with some of the other artists I’ve been listening to and watching grow. I also am trying to secure some more out of state bookings.

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