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Episode 030 : DirrtyStarr

Friday, October 1st, 2021


CLINIK: What is the significance of the name DirrtyStarr?

DirrtyStarr: Well, Starr is my middle name, and it kind of started out as a joke/nickname that a friend gave me for creating playlists all the time. I eventually decided to give mixing a try seriously and DirrtyStarr was born.

C: How has Denver influenced your outlook on music, if at all?

DS: Music has always been a big part of my life, thanks to my dad. I had been to over 20 concerts before I started highschool, everything from Spice Girls to Prince, Alanis Morissette, Depeche Mode, Hootie & the Blowfish, Fall Out Boy. I always loved rap and hip hop growing up too, but moving to Denver after high school changed everything I knew about music. The EDM scene in 2010 was different from anything I had heard before, and I was hooked after my first show.

C: What initially inspired you to create your own mixes?

DS: I've been on the search for discovering new music for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the Napster/Limewire days and this weird time period introduced me to a lot of music. I remember finding a 50 Cent x Nine Inch Nails mashup, and the juxtaposition of mixing things you wouldn't normally hear together really stood out to me. It's kind of funny thinking back now how much that influenced DirrtyStarr. I made a series of CD playlists throughout my childhood, and in essence these were the early stages of what my music sharing project is today. I love hip hop, bass music, nostalgia, and pop culture. These are all things I try to incorporate in my mixes.

C: You have described your mixes as “weird trappy freeform gangster shit”. What do you mean by this?

DS: This one made me laugh. I guess these are just some words I felt describe common threads of the music I share. All these obscure EDM genres always crack me up, but it's also what fascinates me about underground music too. Anything goes and you can mix and match different genres to really have full creative freedom over the vibe you want to create.

C: You hosted a “virtual brunch” on Facebook last year, in which you performed a set while other people watched via zoom. Where did you get the idea for an event like this, and did it go the way you imagined it would?

DS: When the pandemic started, everyone was in the same boat. Lots of time on our hands, cancelled events, and everyone missed their friends and family. I wanted a way to bring everyone together virtually. Live DJ streams had started happening pretty frequently but they felt kind of lonely, so I had the idea to have everyone on zoom simultaneously. I wanted people to be able to see themselves on the stream and really feel like a party together. That was the hardest part to figure out, but the month I spent planning paid off. My friends really took it to the next level when they showed up in Drake and Kanye masks making pancakes live for the show.

C: What are some strategies that you have implemented to stay connected with fans and grow your base of supporters using different social media platforms?

DS: To be honest, I have never put much energy into really trying to grow the DirrtyStarr project. It has been something that I've always done for myself and my friends, and any growth has come organically from Soundcloud and word of mouth. I've taken opportunities I've been given, but I haven't set many goals to necessarily get a bigger following or play live. I've only played 2 shows, so it's pretty crazy to see the following I do have.

C: You have a good number of popular SoundCloud mixes. Do any of your mixes stand out as your personal favorites?

DS: I love both sets I've posted from The Black Box, as well as Dirrty Beats Vol. 23 - Time to Get Naughty Edition.

C: When you’re not busy creating, which artists do you like to listen to?

DS: This is a hard question, but some of my tried and true favorite EDM artists that have inspired me are Zeds Dead, LSDream, Liquid Stranger, Charlesthefirst & Troyboi.

C: Where is one place in the world that you would like to perform some day?

DS: If I ever play at Red Rocks then mama I made it!

C: What are some goals that you have for the remainder of 2021?

DS: My next big goal with DJing is to get my hands on some CDJs :)

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