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Consultation 002 : Slang Dogs ‘Reckoning of Endal’ EP Review

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Thursday, December 17th, 2020


Slang Dogs Deliver the Genre Killing ‘Reckoning of Endal’ EP

Repping the Bay Area, Slang Dogs is a bass music duo, comprised of Dario Pedracci and David Rangel, whose dark and ominous sound design takes their listeners on a journey through their originally crafted terror bass music. It wouldn’t be fair or feasible to categorize these two artists into one type of sound.. With elements of Dubstep, Experimental Bass, Drum & Bass, Trap, and House, Slang Dogs are certified genre killers

This EP has been supported in their talents by artists like Subtronics, Kill The Noise, Boombox Cartel, G-Rex, and Kumarion. It’s a certified heater, so be sure to take a listen and check out our review below


“Crypts” starts off like something out of the deep caverns of an apocalyptic bass dungeon. As the chord progression picks up we feel like we are about to witness bass genius with a raw and deep hitting percussion hi-hat combo. In the background you get the reverb and hollow sounds of something bigger approaching. After a quick interlude, Slang Dogs takes us into the upside down with a switch up on the heavy bass percussion with well crafted chime samples. Slang Dogs continues to hit us in the face with raw, gritty bass.


Right off the rip, we feel like we have been transported to ancient mesopotamia with an originally soothing violin rift.. As it continues, we aren’t sure if we are being led to a buried tomb or a sacrificial offering. “Endal” begins to pick up with Slang Dog’s signature drum progression and deep horn build up. On the drop we realize we aren’t being led to a lost prophet tomb or shown a godly offering, we are instead being abducted by the bass gods to a parallel universe of hard hitting gritty bass. Slang Dogs finishes the track with the nastiest and head-boppiest deep trap-bass rift with the violin vibes elegantly gliding over.

Fires Path

Now that we had a second to cool off from the first two tracks, we are brought into “Fires Path” with another beautifully done orchestra that sounds like the high priest acapella in a Halo cutscene. We are then left in a void of reverb, notes and voices until Slang Dogs starts ripping the drums at a progressively faster rate. We are finally awakened to a 4 bar fake drop into a tribal drum infused riddim beat. Wow. Right when we thought we were done, the second drop comes in hard and VIPs the first drop with a head-banging dubstep riff.


“Summon”, starts off with deep hitting 808s with a diverse hi-hat percussion riff. The build up continues with an ominous voice coming in, which sets up Slang Dogs to unload a window shattering 808 reverb bass beat. Infused in between each bar is a Bay Area trap beat that keeps our head banging throughout the tune. We are given a break after the first drop to gather our emotions until we are summoned back to the last drop of this hard hitting EP.

Check out the full EP below:

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