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Consultation 003 : Supertask Infinity Problem Resurgence

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021


Supertask Emerges From Hiatus With Mysterious Keycard Campaign


Supertask, the Oregon-based electronic music producer, has carved out a name for himself in the electronic music scene over the last few years with his renowned, meditative beats. He is able to weave elements of both heavy and calm bass music to create a chill and relaxing vibe like none other, much to the delight of listeners. His albums "Zero Day" and "Net User", both of which dropped in 2019, have fans itching for his next release. Thankfully, his recent cryptic tweet seems to be teasing a brand new 8-track project set to drop soon!

Supertask has collaborated with the likes of Of The Trees and G-Space, and is also part of the bass music supergroup Lab Group alongside his contemporaries Charlesthefirst and potions.

Keycard Campaign

Supertask is changing the game once again, unveiling what he referred to on his instagram page as the "next chapter" of his interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" livestream. With his last Bicycle Day CYOA stream receiving universal praise, this is something any avid music listener should be keeping their eyes on.

Supertask's new livestream appears to be tied to a mysterious new Keycard which will essentially be used as a ticket to the digital experience. Anyone with the Keycard, which utilizes NFC technology, will also be eligible to receive exclusive content and updates pertaining to Supertask in addition to the ability to access the upcoming livestream.

Those who are interested may purchase and customize their Keycards on the InfinityProblem website. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Supertask's exciting and groundbreaking campaign.

Check out his latest release below:

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