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Consultation 004 : SPNCE ‘Entry’ Single Review

Friday, February 26th, 2021


SPNCE Drops Gritty New Track “Entry”

SPNCE, the breakout star from Knoxville, Tennessee, just dropped his hard-hitting new track “Entry”. The promising young artist has been turning heads recently. His debut single “Don’t Fall” was just released via Electric Hawk and received acclaim in the underground music scene. Aside from creating original music, the fast rising producer is also a very skilled visual artist, putting together his own visuals at CLINIK’s Dark Abyss Stream this past October.

In the words of SPNCE, “Entry” is “a story of the violence that occurs while breaking through the invisible shield that protects earth from the deep void of space.” This raw, emotional track brilliantly blends together elements of trap and dubstep, and is one that any electronic music listener will enjoy.


SPNCE’s new single “Entry” is a stealthy banger, building and building until it throws listeners for a loop. The track begins with the sounds of someone struggling in the ocean. Then, a brooding melody is accompanied by a chaotic frenzy of drums that begin to swell. The hard drop about 50 seconds in really grabs listeners, illustrating the “the story of violence” that “Entry” exemplifies. “Entry” is intense and dynamic, going beyond what listeners would expect from a typical bass music track.

Check out the single below:

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