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Consultation 005 : rSUN ‘Look Like’ Single Review

Monday, March 22nd, 2021


rSUN Drops Bouncy New Track “Look Like”

Richmond, Virginia’s rSUN has just dropped “Look Like”, a bass track that any electronic music listener needs to hear. rSUN, a talented visual artist and producer, always brings the heat. His flip of Dog Blood’s “4 mind” currently stands at over 10,000 soundcloud streams, and he killed his CLINIK Radio mix last year. ”Look Like” is rSun’s first release of 2021.

rSUN first worked with CLINIK back in May of 2020, when we put together the Future Bliss livestream. His set was littered with originals, remixes, flips and was all pieced together with A1 DJing. On top of an incredible set, rSUN also did 100% of his own visuals, which makes him a multi-dimensional artist that you don't want to sleep on. Please be sure to give him a follow here.

Look Like

Look Like” is a bouncy track that oozes swagger and charisma. The beginning sounds like something that you would hear in the deep caverns of an Indiana Jones adventure. Then after a quick come up, the bass cascades over the cutting percussion patterns, making for a track that anyone can get down to. Just when you thought you were out of the caverns, rSUN drops a sick trap breakdown and then slides into another 2050 wavy vibe. The “what I look like” vocal sample pops up intermittently, adding to the flow of the catchy bass track.

Check out the single below:

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