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Consultation 007 : AKIMBO ‘Sounds From The Swamp’ EP Review

Friday, April 9th, 2021


AKIMBO Delivers On New Sounds From The Swamp EP

AKIMBO, the fast-rising bass music producer from Indianapolis, has just released his brand new “Sounds from the Swamp” EP. The impressive upstart has had a solid 2021 so far, releasing “Let’s Get It” with What? Collective and announcing that he will be supporting Smoakland at April 10th’s Collage Carnival. On “Sounds from the Swamp”, AKIMBO provides listeners with his most zoned-in effort yet. This is a must listen for any fan of underground bass music.

The Scariest Monster

The Scariest Monster” is a perfect opening track. The song has a swagger to it, lulling listeners in with its bass-filled, bounce-y beat.

Das Nasty

Das Nasty” has a drum-and-bass-like intro before AKIMBO drops a classic sample of Cleveland from “Family Guy” nonchalantly saying “Ooooh, that’s nasty”. The drop itself takes us on a percussion filled bass journey sure to give any basshead some whiplash.

Like Onions

AKIMBO channels his inner Yheti and Toadface on this track, without ever coming off as derivative. “Like Onions” is a dynamic, wonderfully weird track that builds and builds and leaves your head spinning by the time it’s over.

Choir of Frogs

This track is slightly more aggressive than the previous three, with some harsh, raw, emotional bass throughout. The final drop itself is particularly impressive, as AKIMBO ramps things up to finish off the song.

Death Mountain

Death Mountain” is the perfect way to close out a rather strong EP from AKIMBO. The track is brooding, and builds throughout with well-produced wubs and dubs. This song perfectly illustrates AKIMBO’s arrival as a mature, unique bass artist to keep and eye on.

Check out the EP below:

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