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Consultation 008 : UNKNWN ‘Hemlock’ Single Review

Updated: May 11, 2021

Thursday, May 6th, 2021


UNKNWN Takes Us Through The Transient Forest of Hemlock

UNKNWN is the bass music identity of Brock Muellner, hailing from the frozen tundra of Green Bay, WI. His signature style of deep, low end bass music has been released alongside the scenes legends through labels like Gravitas Records, The Untz, and the Spicy Bois. Alongside his huge catalog of successful releases, UNKNWN has been spotted playing sets on Funktion-Ones in Chicago, Hennessy Sound rigs in California, and everywhere in between - sharing stages and festival lineups with the likes of G Jones, Caspa, CharlesTheFirst, and so many more.

It’s a certified bass mind bender, so be sure to take a listen and check out our review below


Hemlock starts off as if you are walking through the subtle darkness of a disillusioned forest. You hear the faint muttering of vocals and elegant melody comes rifling through the speakers shortly after. This melody sets the stage for a beautifully dark riff of pure bass that resonates in the listeners ears. The subtle melody in the background keeps the listener grounded as their mind bends, weaves and morphs the sounds that are created from UNKNWN’s mind. Just when you think it's over he unleashes another riff that elevates the previous trance of the first drop. The song ends with that subtle melody echoing off into the darkness

“Hemlock is inspired by one of my favorite plants, the Poisonous Hemlock plant. I felt as though a mysterious and magic forest might have some beautiful, natural danger in it. It’s a tune that I think is the perfect specimen of an UNKNWN track. Dark and mysterious, but also enticing. Like a poisonous flower (:” - UNKNWN

Check out the Single below:

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