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Consultation 010 : Witch Doctor ‘Fracture’ Single Review

Friday, May 14th, 2021


Witch Doctor Fractures the Mind with his DMV Style in New Single

Finding his start in the free form underground of the DMV, Witch Doctor quickly took over the local scene with his unique and energetic performances. Taking inspiration from Caspa & Rusko, Witch Doctor found his sound in production creating dark and heavy sounds, while never straying too far from his free form roots.

With performances at Big Dub, Flower of Life, Lil’ Dub Festival and a multitude of other venues throughout the Mid-Atlantic region; Witch Doctor has shared the stage with Buku, Bleep Bloop, HE$H, Protohype, OfTheTrees and many more. Most recently he released a single through The Gradient Perspective 081 compilation. With a lot of experience and backing under his belt in his short time in the scene it clearly hasn’t gone to waste.


This track starts with a very ominous series of sounds that tease the listener. About 20 seconds in Witch Doctor gives a nice little snare break beat that gets the body ready. Then he transports us into the deep DMV mind of what makes the original sound of Witch Doctor. The beat is patient and the use of galactic sounds range from flangers to quick lasers. All while a deep voice echos “Fracture”. After the first drop we fall back into the ominous energy that was created in the beginning of the song. The sample of the snare comes along with a steady build up that gets the heart racing. Then a sick 8 bar fake drop obliterates the mind and compels the body to move and head bang to the beat. Another unique classic from the Maryland native

Check out the Single below:

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