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Consultation 011 : Vieira ‘Marble Mountain’ Single Review

Thursday, May 20th, 2021


Vieira Takes Us Deep into the Depths of the Marble Mountain

Coming from the mountains of New York, Vieira eclectically marries many styles of music into his own form of bass music. With his head literally in the clouds, it's no coincidence that his music exudes the feelings of musical freedom and unadulterated creativity. Mind-altering beats and beautiful yet chaotic rhythms and flows are only a pinch of what Vieira is capable of bringing to the table. Using the organic textures of nature mixed with artificial and industrial textures, Vieira has recently released with the likes of Electric Hawk, Spicy Bois, The Untz and more. The project began to take off in early 2019 and shows no signs of relenting after having made big waves and garnering the support of several up and coming artists and big hitter labels and blogs such as Tvboo, Ookay, Mize, Meso, Subtronics, and more.

“Marble Mountain is a cultivation and expression of my experience of living in the mountains of Hudson Valley, NY. Wrapped into a downtempo-esque experience, Marble Mountain is meant to feel like a trance inducing journey that concludes by returning you to where you started but in a much more appreciative and aware state of mind. This also marks the first of many more "downtempo" Vieira tracks to be released making this track very near and dear to my heart.” - Vieira

Marble Mountain

This track starts off with a soothing distant melody that echoes the Marble Mountain landscape that Vieira has created in this track. From the depths comes a hard hitting bass, which layers on top of the melody and a new high hat sequence. The drop comes in heavy with a delayed bass synth that reverberates through the listeners ears. The drop fades out and we are left back in the interstitial space of the Marble Mountain range. Vieira brings it back with a faster pace bass breakbeat. And just like that, we are left in pure serenity and ambient noises, giving us time to cherish the beautiful production that was put together in this track. The downtempo experience is flipped upside down in the second drop. Nothing but grunge and reverb layered on top of an OG trap beat. The soothing melody that was played in the beginning of the song echoes through the drop. A motif of the vibe and energy that Vieira wants us to experience. The 6 minute track tapers off into the distance leaving us memories of a magnificently put together song.

Check out the Single below:

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