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Consultation 012 : Cntrlla’s “Vacillation” EP Review

Monday, June 7th, 2021


Cntrlla's High Gear & Spellbinding Soundscapes are Put on Display in "Vacillation"

Hailing from Appleton, Wisconsin, Cntrlla is an up and coming bass producer who has already been making waves in his short span of releasing music. In the past few years, Cntrlla has garnered support and shared the stage with a number of heavy hitters in the scene including Caspa, Truth, Widdler, Detox Unit, Dirt Monkey, Subdocta, Bleep Bloop, Stylust, Esseks, VCTRE, Toadface, and Smith. His powerful production formula is drawn from early years listening to hip-hop and his experience as a graphic designer. Cntrlla is able to create his own spellbinding soundscapes, embodying his vision while paying homage to the music that shaped him. With the wonky and grimey “Vacillation” EP, it is clear that Cntrlla is set up for quite the break through 2021 year and beyond.

Hyperion Drag

The EP kicks off with this beautifully composed track that lulls listeners into the project with the intro. The vibe stays constant as the rest of the track builds throughout, making for a calming atmosphere. “Hyperion Drag” makes for a soothing opener.

It All Comes Together

Cntrlla kicks things into high gear with “It All Comes Together”. The juxtaposition between the cooling calm of “Hyperion Drag” and the intensity of this song is stark. Cntrlla slaps listeners in the face with some sturdy bass and distorted sounds. This song has a swagger to it similar to a hip-hop track, with its catchy percussion sure to entice listeners.


The brooding, but groovy nature of “2080” pulls you in right away. What is already a fun track takes a sharp left turn about halfway through. The slight change up here is one that is going to have live crowds losing their minds and getting down. “2080” is too good not to have on repeat all summer, and is definitely a standout of the project.

On The Corner

Cntrlla teams up with Moniker for this Wavecraft release that is already making waves in the underground scene. There is a duality in this song that weaves between chilled out (but wonky) and downright grimey. The bass drop at 1:17 in particular hits very hard, and the ante is upped which each proceeding drop in the song. This track is unconvention, but Cntrlla and Moniker ultimately have made magic on this track.

Getting Off The Ground

The EP finishes off with “Getting Off The Ground”, a track which builds up brilliantly to its first drop with uplifting synths, and drops listeners with a wonky and sobering drop. The percussion really drives this cold-blooded banger, which is sure to have your head bopping. The second drop is slightly more aggressive and frantic, ending the project with a bang.

Overall, this was a strong out for Cntrlla, who is quickly proving to be an artist to watch.

Check out the EP below:

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