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Consultation 013 : ENTITY “Play Me (Don't)” Single Review

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021


ENTITY Presents us With The Gritty Bass House Track "Play Me (Don't)"

ENTITY, the New York based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ, is back at it again with her new single “Play Me (Don’t)”. ENTITY considers herself an experimental artist who is known for her hard-hitting bass-lines and funky house beats. “Play Me (Don’t), the gritty and bass-filled track, also features soothing yet confident vocals that cascade over the crisp production. This marks ENTITY’s second track of 2021, and is one that all listeners are sure to enjoy.

Play Me (Don't)

“Play Me (Don’t)” is indicative of the raw talent and diverse repertoire that ENTITY possesses. The vocals first kick in during an atmospheric intro, and compliment the slow build into the first verse extremely well. The beginning verse features a thumping 808 and hi-hat percussion dynamic, driving the song towards the hook. The chorus pleads, “Don’t You Play Me”, as the reprieve is repeated over and over again over some heavy, face-numbing bass. The drop in this song is intense, and personally reminded me of a throwback dubstep track. This blend of sound and style is exactly what makes ENTITY a standout, and her evolution as an artist is evident.

Check out the Single below:

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