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Consultation 015 : Cronus “You” Single Review

Monday, June 28th, 2021


Cronus's House Heater "You" is a Versatile and Atmospheric Continuation of His Craft

After dropping “Get Slayed” earlier this month, Cronus, the eclectic electronic artist currently residing in Virginia Beach, is back at it with his new single, “You”. Cronus is coming off of a Cronus and Friends event back in April, and is scheduled to perform at Big Dub Festival in PA later this summer. He keeps his big year going with “You”, a house heater arriving just in time for the summer.

Cronus prides himself on his versatility. In our recent CLINIK Radio interview, he said, “I don’t like to hangout in one genre too long... I like to keep you on your toes”. Here, Cronus delves into the house genre effortlessly.


“You” begins with an atmospheric intro, before a kick enters at about 20 seconds in. The song swells and builds into the first drop of the track, which provides a cutting, yet wub-tastic switch. With a tinge of Cronus’ experience as a dubstep artist peppered in, the drops in this song just hit different. Cronus shows his versatility throughout the track, with a sick breakdown at 2:40 which builds into a second, different bass drop at about 3 minutes. “You” is just the dynamic bass house track to liven up any party, and should be on everybody’s turn up playlist this summer.

Check out the Single below:

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