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Consultation 016 : Ternion Sound Infrasound Family Reunion Live Set Review

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021


Ternion Sound Gives Their Fans Another Gem With Their LIVE Set Recording from Infrasound Family Reunion 2021

Ternion Sound, the underground’s favorite bass trio, is back at it! Fresh off the release of their collaborative DUPLOC043 EP, Ternion Sound has just released a LIVE recording of their set from Infrasound Family Reunion 2021. The very unique set spans over an hour, and features both professional and fan-captured footage.

Infrasound Family Reunion 2021 LIVE Set

This set, which featured breathtaking visuals to accompany the 67 minutes of booming bass music, took place at the intimate Infrasound Family Reunion on June 11th at Harmony Park in Minnesota. The journey of sound began with a track from the DUPLOC043 EP, starting with Opus collab “Mediator”. As the visuals became a bright white with a vibrant red frame around the visual board, “Particles” began to blare through the speakers.

Ternion Sound curated this set beautifully, straying from their own renowned discography and veering into the catalogs of peers, collaborators, and contemporaries. Other tracks played included Shepzn’s “Jinxed”, DE-TU’s “Roadblock”, and Isded’s “Fear”. As the set swelled and built itself up throughout, the visuals became increasingly vivid and more-and-more stimulating to the eye. This complex dance between music and visuals painted a beautiful audio and visual experience for all of those lucky enough to attend. The YouTube upload of the set even includes some light visuals over larger shots of the crowd/stage, enhancing the viewing experience for all of us watching from home.

As the set continued, the bright sky began to fade into the night, allowing the amazing visuals to become even more pronounced. As Joe Nice x Ternion Sounds “Troopz” plays around the 58 minute mark, the green light from the LEDs illuminates the crowd. The audience can be seen mingling, dancing, vibing, and just sharing a good time. The music has facilitated a great mood amongst these attendees, as our journey through sound comes to a close with “Flex Technique”. The crowd has clearly grown in size since the start, as our bass trio exits the stage. This set is a testament to the fact that, when it comes to live sets, Ternion Sound may stand alone as the proverbial head of the underground table. If you’re a beat freak, or if you just love some quality dub, do yourself a favor and see this crew LIVE wherever you can this summer.

Check out the Record Live Set below:

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