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Consultation 017 : JAMES, ELYS!AN, & TAY - "Fall Away"

Friday, July 9th, 2021


JAMES, ELYS!IAN, & TAY'S "Fall Away" Is A Euphoric Offering, Taking Listeners Into A New World

JAMES, the upstart producer residing in Philly, has just linked up with ELYS!AN & TAY for “Fall Away”, out now via independent record label ARWV. The song harkens back to the golden days of dubstep, featuring TAY’s heartful and soulful vocals mixed beautifully with uplifting, synth-filled production. “Fall Away” marks JAMES’ second release this year, following his remix of Nurko’s “Blindspot”.

Fall Away

“Fall Away” gently enters the atmosphere, with the first soothing vocals hitting at about 15 seconds in, and eventually lulling us into the first drop. This drop is simply beautifully composed, with an idiosyncratic, euphoric breakdown reminiscent of artists such Flume or What So Not. TAY returns for a second verse, taking center stage over driving production that passionately moves towards a second, more emphatic drop. The breakdown slowly ripples into the outro, which softly sets listeners back down to earth. This track is emotional on every level, and is one that any future bass fan should have on their playlists this summer.

Check out the Single below:

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