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Consultation 018 : Saint Christopher "Bender" Single Review

Friday, July 23rd, 2021



Saint Christopher, the young standout, showcases his unique twist on the indie-pop genre once again on his new track “Bender”, which will be included on his upcoming album “When Heaven Calls I Won’t Be Home”, dropping August 13th. “Bender” follows up his recent heartfelt track “Float”, which was recently uploaded to SoundCloud. On “Bender”, Saint Christopher provides listeners with an emotionally driven synth-filled ballad that they won’t soon forget.


“Bender” begins with an atmospheric intro that grabs the attention of listeners instantly. The synths right at the beginning put you in a trance before a booming drum pattern enters the picture at about 30 seconds in. Saint Christopher kicks things off with the first verse – beautifully written and composed, with a sad and reserved, yet optimistic tone. The production and vocals mesh together in a powerful, gritty way, complementing the raw and emotional vibe of the track perfectly.

On the hook, Saint Christopher’s reprieve simply grips us, before breaking down into an instrumental section at about 2:26. Saint Christopher eases into another verse around 2:57 – “Oh the day was a waste, Gotta run, Hella numb just to push through the pain”. The pain of this artist is apparent, and shines through his voice, beyond just the words. The vocal prowess of this artist is impressive, as Saint Christopher goes on dynamic vocal runs during this second verse before returning to the chorus. A bridge follows this, with the same lyrics as the chorus but with more toned-down production that includes gentle piano chords. Finally, this builds into one final rousing hook, rounding out a heartbreaking yet beautiful track. “Bender” is emotional at its core - despite the somber tone of the lyrics and the vocals, I believe it is a track that inspires us to stay optimistic, cautiously confident, and perseverant in the face of setbacks. Here, Saint Christopher proves exactly why he is a genre-killer with major potential that should be on everyone’s radar.

Check out the Single below:

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