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Consultation 019 : Brevis "Pussy Boy" (feat. bbno$) Single Review

Friday, October 8th, 2021


Brevis Delivers A Can’t-Miss Heater with “Pussy Boy” (feat. bbno$)

Brevis, the fast-rising genre-bending producer from Europe is back at it. This time, he links up with Canadian sensation bbno$ once again for a big time banger called “Pussy Boy”. This is the second time these artists have worked together, following 2019’s “Mmmyea”. “Pussy Boy” is a tune that is sure to have any listener getting down with the beat and showcases the strengths of both Brevis and bbno$ quite well.

Pussy Boy

“Pussy Boy” is simply catchy as hell. The track starts off with a deep and distorted version of bbno$’s refrain throughout the song, becoming more clear each time it is repeated. At about 24 seconds in, the can’t-miss beat finally drops. A trap percussion pattern coupled with a catchy whistle loop is heard, as producer Brevis proves once again that simplicity is key. Here, bbno$’s sick flow cascades over the smooth beat as the bass is boosted, and his confident swagger shines through with every bar. Bbno$’s compelling rap takes us through the song, which listeners become more and more immersed in as it goes on. At about 1:14 in, there is a quick interlude and beat switch up, keeping things dynamic. Then, at 1:30, the original beat returns and bbno$ goes in with some cold bars once again. As the outro begins around 2:01, bbno$ simply brags as he did in the interlude, declaring “I got jewels/I got girls”, continuing on with more braggadocios rhymes until a “skrrt” ad-lib cuts the whole song off. Overall, this track is one that is sure to have the entire function jumping, and is a must-have on anyone’s Fall playlists.

Check out the Single below:

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