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Consultation 020 : Halcyon Live Event Preview

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Thursday, October 14th, 2021


System Error is teaming up with Halcyon for a one-of-a-kind event in Los Angeles this Saturday

System Error is teaming up with Halcyon for a one-of-a-kind event in Los Angeles this Saturday. Halcyon's debut live showcase is set to take place in LA at the 1720 Warehouse on Saturday, October 16th. This is set to be a cutting edge, ground-breaking event, featuring a carefully curated lineup of undeniable talent such as Oolacile, NUU$HI, Phonon, and many more. With an impressive lighting set up and state-of-the-art sound system blasting everything from dubstep to hyperpop, this is an event that any beat freak on the West Coast simply can’t miss.

Over the past month, System Error has thrown warehouse shows featuring Ivy Lab, Of the Trees, Freddy Todd, Huxley Anne, Player Dave, Potions, and more. This collaborative effort with System Error and Halcyon's label boss, Oolacile, is bringing their massive virtual success on Twitch (wth streams gaining 150,00+ total viewers) into the real world. The meteoric rise of Halcyon is only just beginning, with Saturday’s event at the 1720 Warehouse as the next major milestone.

Check out the quick bios on the artists below & get your tickets HERE


NUU$HI (Nuushi Harada) is a multiracial bass music artist born and raised in Japan, and a

member of ARANCK Collective. NUU$HI captured the attention of dubstep aficionados with

his Fairy Tale EP we released last year via Halcyon and now he’ll be making his American

debut with Halcyon. A technical wizard on his DAW with 10+ years of production experience,he strives to educate the young producers of Japan to reach a top-notch sound, with a goal toput the Japanese bass music scene on the map. As a community member, NUU$HI is supportive of the innovation of sounds, and has cemented himself as one of the leading figures in the new wave of Future Riddim that has taken 2021 by storm.


AViT has been shaking up the digicore and hyperpop sphere for only a few years now but

they have quickly garnered tons of love in the community. We’re extremely excited to

showcase their sound on our upcoming compilation as well as their California live

performance debut at our showcase. Wearing their alternative influences on their sleeve, AViT has been pumping out emotional verses and eccentric production to compliment them. Working with the likes of dltzk, blackwinterwells and dollyw00d to name a few as well as getting frequent support on Spotify’s “Hyperpop” playlist they have gotten some massive

cred and are a force to be reckoned with in this new age of breakthrough artists.


After many years of crafting an immense knowledge for sound engineering and computer

software, eliderp brute-forced his way into 2021 by dropping one of the highlight electronic

releases of the year “Azimuth”. Along with many other efforts over the years including

collaborations with pioneers such as Mr. Bill, We’re very excited to present his talents in a live setting for the first time ever.


After exploding onto the scene with his breathtaking collab with Camoufly “Garden”, Jedwill

has been relentless in his pursuit to become one of the most recognized names in what

many are calling “hyperpop”.. Constantly subduing listeners with his impassioned vocal

performances and working with giants such as Underscores, Jedwill will for sure have people dying for more after they hear his first-ever solo live performance.


Musa has been constantly pushing boundaries in the world of EDM especially recently with

his intricate blend of hyperpop and dubstep, making him stand out in the ever-growing

scene of producers. Not only are his productions immaculate, his songwriting and vocal

performances cannot be understated. Musa is an innovator at heart and we are proud to have such a unique talent perform at our first ever live show.


phonon shook the dubstep industry with his Beatport #1 song, Polyriddim – a tune that

received Worldwide press coverage and trended globally for its genre-breaking approaches.

phonon’s music is played and supported by industry legends such as Modestep, Flux Pavilion, Subtronics, and Svdden Death. phonon’s polyrhythmic, genre-melding style extends to the DJ booth where his high-energy shows have captured the imagination and acclaim of both fans and industry leaders and we can't wait to see what he has in store for all of us for his Los Angeles debut.


There's no denying Halcyon label boss Oolacile, is one of the most exciting acts at the cutting edge of bass music. Oolacile has quickly become the face of Future Riddim and pushing dubstep past its barriers into new territories. With consistently innovative productions, incredible sound design, and complex arrangements, he is undoubtedly one of the most innovative producers to touch the scene and we’d only assume the set he has planned for the debut Halcyon event will leave attendees in awe.

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