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Consultation 021 : Meditaa "Ancient Sound" Single Review

Friday, October 29th, 2021


Meditaa Brings Those Deep & Dark Vibes with "Ancient Sound"

Meditaa, the multi-talented and creative rising artist residing in Florida, is back at it once more with his new single “Ancient Sound”. Always bringing the deep and dark vibes, Meditaa is a master of sound. Meditaa utilizes sounds and creative perspectives from all over the world in his music, which is essential listening for avid fans of bass genres. “Ancient Sound” follows up on his recent release “Sacred Truth”, another 140 banger.

Ancient Sound

“Ancient Sound” begins with an ominous horn blaring, setting a brooding atmosphere from the very beginning. The horn repeats again as a melody enters the air and builds. At about 1 minute into the track, percussion claps and snaps enter the air along with mysterious voices, adding to the dark tone of “Ancient Sound”. The song draws to a lull at about 2 minutes, before building up into a second section at about 2:45 in which a woman’s voice is sampled in one of the most unique and interesting ways I have heard in a long time. Meditaa is a wizard of sound design, which becomes increasingly evident as the track continues. Around 3:30, the ominous horn captures listeners once more, as “Ancient Sound” moves draws towards a close. This track is a must-listen for anyone who loves dub at its core, and can always get down with some dark, other-worldy vibes.

Check out the Single below:

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