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Consultation 023 : Toadface “Residue” EP Review

Thursday, December 16th, 2021


The Amphibious Producer Separates Himself from the Pack With “Residue" EP

Toadface, the fast-rising bass artist from Ohio that currently represents the ATL, has returned with his Residue EP. This offering is a solid follow-up from May’s ambitious Tides EP and last year’s Gangerene EP. On Residue, Toadface separates himself from the pack with some cutting-edge bass tunes and impressive sound design. The amphibious producer’s unique blend of dubstep, trap, and bass is the perfect recipe for a wonderfully wonky listening experience.

“Finishing this music felt like a collab with Todd from the past because all these tracks were started almost 2 years ago. Every track is completely different but still sounds connected in that they all sound like me.” - Toadface

Vibe Out

The aptly named “Vibe Out” begins with soft tones and a welcoming atmosphere that lulls us into the project. As light percussion and ambient tones build and build, Toadface switches the vibe up and throws down some alien-sounding bass. As the wonkiness reaches a crescendo, the track mellows out around 3:15, and listeners are brought back down to earth for the outro.

Jump So High

A pitched-up vocal sample of an educational video about toads kicks off this track, right in line with the light-hearted and whimsical side of Toadface’s music. The vibe quickly switches up with a hip-hop sounding beat kicking in, and a vocal sample of “jump so high pluck a star out of space” is repeated over and over with wonky bass sounds layered underneath. Horns kick in over the boom-bap drum pattern at around 1:15. This leads up into a bridge that goes until about 2:00, where the beat takes a sharp left turn into a frenzy of some insane sound design. “Jump So High” is a wonky banger that fits into any bass set.

Go Again

The absolutely wild “Go Again” is a bass music fever dream that is kicked into high gear from the first second. This builds into the first drop at about 1 minute in, where Toadface throws down some trap horns and insane synths. “Go Again” gives me major throwback vibes, and blends the sounds of the early days of trap EDM with today’s underground alien bass vibes.

Mythical (feat. FRQ NCY)

Toadface enlists the services of the wickedly talented FRQ NCY on “Mythical”. Both artists are masters of idiosyncratic sound design and expertly-applied mixdowns, a sentiment that rings through on this track. The build up leads into a flurry of wubs at about 26 seconds in, which continues to build upon itself. Vocal samples of a rapper saying “mythical” and “physical” are intertwined with some head-spinning production. A second drop at about 2:00 takes a more serious tone with some deep, zoned in basslines. Things build into a climax at 2:28, in which a piano outro and ambient pad play us out.

Plant Food

The beginning of “Plant Food” sounds almost magical, before veering into lo-fi territory at about 18 seconds. A head-bouncing hip-hop beat kicks in, and the track becomes a collage of vocal samples and a sound design that evolves throughout. At about 2 minutes, the song takes a more focused approach. For the last ten seconds of the song, we only hear blips of the vocal sample with a pad in the background. “Plant Food” is a canvas on which Toadface’s raw art can shine. This unique and dynamic track exemplifies Toadface’s willingness to push boundaries and explore the vastness of sound design and blending genres. “Plant Food” is a fitting close to what may be Toadface’s best project yet.

Check out the EP below:

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