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Consultation 024 : Ternion Sound “Dovetail Remix” EP Review

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021


The Bass Trio, Ternion Sound, Caps Off the Year with “Dovetail Remix" EP

The bass trio Ternion Sound is finishing off the year with a Dovetail Remix EP via Next Level Records. In a year where the group played Red Rocks, tore the house down at Infrasound, and released several strong EPs, Ternion Sound is back with one more 2021 offering for its loyal fans. This project features three brand new takes on the deep dub group’s 2019 track “Dovetail”. Bringing in Kursa, Bukez Finezt, and Reso, “Dovetail” is revived and refined on this remix EP.

“Dovetail was one of our biggest tracks in 2019. We always knew it'd be an awesome track to VIP or remix and Bukez Finezt was the first to have an idea for that. He smashed the remix so well we figured we'd ask Reso and Kursa to remix it too so we could surprise everyone with 3 unique twists on the original. Out to Next Level for supporting the vision and guiding us to the final release of this massive EP.” - Ternion Sound

Dovetail - Kursa Remix

Kursa kicks this off with a remix that blends elements of the early rave scene with the booming bass of the contemporary dubstep and glitch hop scenes. At about 30 seconds in, some deep wubs and booming bass begin to play off of each other. This evolves into some very tech-y sound interplaying themselves with some crispy, masterfully designed bass. Kursa re-affirms himself as a legend of sound design here, with a remix that turns heads. The second half of the song features some stabbing percussion and precise drumwork that harkens back to the breakbeat days. The outro features some sustained, deep bass with brooding yet swaggering tones.

Dovetail - Bukez Finezt Remix

Bukez Finezt really turn “Dovetail” up to a new level with their bass-blasting remix. This track was teased a while back, and fans are now rejoicing at its release. The sound builds and builds until about 54 seconds in. We get the familiar “Dovetail” drop, but with a special Bukez Finezt flare added to it. Listeners are absolutely consumed by this all-encompassing bass. The bass continues until a bridge at 2:18, and then some even more aggressive and dynamic bass grips listeners again at about 3 minutes. This track is like the original “Dovetail” on steroids, and is essential for all of your 2022 dubstep playlists.

Dovetail - Reso Finezt Remix

Reso closes out the Dovetail Remix EP with a doozy of a flip. This massive remix pays homage to the garage scene with a frantic and drum-filled opening that just continues to build upon itself. The most energetic of the three remixes, this track is like a marathon, with barely a second to breathe throughout. A dreamy dnb bridge kicks in at about 1:30, before throwing listeners back into the abyss almost one minute later. This remix is dynamic, unique, and brings a new flavor to the “Dovetail” banger.

Check out the EP below:

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